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Would you like to learn more about the metaphysical world, Tarot, or Mediumship? Teaching is my passion and opening the world of divination to beginners is my special interest.  The classes listed also make a fun group activity for a "Night Out" or celebratory event for young people. My classes are perfect for those interested in exploring divination and no experience is necessary.

Any class I offer can be presented in person for groups of five or more. Virtual classes are offered via Zoom video conferencing.


To set up a private class for a group or to discuss options for a class not listed here, contact me at 

Gift certificates are available for any class  

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Tarot for Teens

A 90-minute workshop that introduces teenagers and young adults to the world of Tarot, which has been used for hundreds of years as a tool to heighten intuition and strengthen personal development. This workshop covers why and how to use Tarot cards, reading etiquette, what Tarot is, and equally important, what it is not. Presentation of easy to learn spreads will help beginning readers explore their personal relationships, academic challenges and career goals in a fun and empowering way. Parents are welcome to sit in. I recommend participants have a Rider Waite Smith themed deck to work with, and I am happy to recommend reasonably priced decks if desired.

Class time: 90 minutes

Cost: $40 

Class minimum: 4 students

Psychic 101

A workshop for the spiritually curious

Curious about the world of psychics, mediums, and divination practitioners? Join me to explore the variety of methods and tools psychics utilize to help our clients (and ourselves) navigate our lives. After covering more recognized methods of divination, we’ll also delve into lesser-known forms of magick. This workshop will clarify psychic terminology and to help you learn, I’ll share my personal collection of metaphysical tools and talismans. We’ll discuss what type of reading can give you the best results and tips on how to get the most out of your sessions when you visit a reader. The finale of this two-hour class is an “Ask Me Anything Q&A” that will help you learn in a fun, friendly environment.

Class time: 2 hours

Cost: $70 one on one - $45 per person for classes of 2 or more

Opening Your Gifts  

An Introduction to Spirit Connection

Have you ever wondered if a recurring thought, animal visitor, or that tingle on your shoulder was sent from someone who is no longer with you in the physical realm? In this workshop, we’ll explore the types of after-death communication that help open us to heightened spiritual awareness. We’ll discuss the origins of spirit communication and learn helpful techniques to ease fear and skepticism. I’ll teach you how to open the lines of spirit communication, receive messages and see that spiritual love transcends all barriers of time, space, and even death. Working as a psychic medium and co-hosting the Boston Tea Room’s “Coming Through” events inspired me to create this informational class designed for the many clients who ask “How do you do this?” Opening Your Gifts is geared toward the curious as well as those seeking a starting point for incorporating spirit connection into their everyday lives. Perfect for beginners and for groups of friends wanting to explore mediumship in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.  Attendees are requested to bring an item of sentimental value from someone living or in spirit to use in a class exercise. 

Class time: 2 hours

Cost: $70 one on one - $45 per person for classes of 2 or more

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