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About Kim

I am a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, and ordained minister dedicated to the art of healing. For 28 years, I was a Registered Nurse working in neonatal intensive care, emergency medicine, and hospice. Those specialties proved integral to the growth of my intuitive abilities. I have been reading professionally in the Metro-Detroit area since 2013, helping my clients navigate their lives with integrity and purpose. Since childhood, I’ve been connecting with spirit. In my role as a medium, I deliver messages from family, friends, and pets who have passed on, bringing solace and healing to those they have left behind. Certification as a bereavement counselor allows me to gently guide my clients through grief and loss as they walk a difficult path. My 2021 diagnosis of Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer has reinforced to me that the path of grief is an individual one and should be respected as such.


I have read and taught at corporate events, business establishments, celebrations, and festivals; opening the world of divination to captive guests in a relaxed and friendly way. As a Minister and Officiant, I take pride in delivering personalized, heartfelt services to celebrate the lives, love, and diversity of all.

Please note that my cancer treatments will impact my availability. You will see this noted on the home page. I am committed to fighting for my health and continuing to read for my clients. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

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