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Officiant Services


The perfect wedding is as individual as the couple that seeks it. I work with my clients to create a meaningful ceremony that reflects their personalities and path to the altar. Spiritual weddings that are relaxed, warm, and inviting are my specialty. Traditional prayer and cultural rituals are also honored at the couple's request. I believe “Love is Love” and my services are offered to couples of any definition who wish to pledge their hearts to one another. Contact me to help make one of the brightest days of your life something you’ll treasure.



This beautiful Celtic tradition may be included as part of a wedding ceremony or offered as a ritual on its own. A handfasting can serve as a celebration of commitment, a renewal of vows or blending of families. Rich with tradition and rooted in nature, it’s a unique way to bind your lives. 


Vow Renewals

Years fly by, seasons change and so does your partnership. A vow renewal honors the journey you’ve made together, the challenges you have endured and the joy you have created. Light and heartfelt, it’s an intimate reflection of how far you’ve come.


Celebrations of Life

I have spent years of my life helping others endure grief and loss. Celebrating the lives of those who have moved to the spirit realm is one of my most treasured honors. After gathering information from family and friends, I craft heartfelt services and thoughtful eulogies that are uplifting and meaningful. As in all ceremonies I offer, traditional prayer and cultural rituals are welcomed at the family’s request. My services are available for funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life.


Death has many facets. While it is often raw and difficult to navigate, it may also be transformative and enlightening. As a hospice nurse, I learned how important it is for the dying to be heard and how to advocate for their needs. End of life counseling sessions are fluid and individually guided by the wishes of the client. They may include but are not limited to: planning end of life care, counsel for difficult conversations, the fulfillment of spiritual needs, funeral/memorial planning, letters/videos for loved ones, education and support for partners and caregivers, or ceremonies to convey gratitude to family or friends.  If the client wishes for a team approach; partners, children or caregivers are welcomed into the sessions.


Rates are based on the client's requirements.

A free, no-obligation estimate will be provided after our consultation. 

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